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Instructions for installing and registering at the casino Tropez.

Before you get a taste of the excitement and venture into the world of poker, roulette and slot machines, you must perform a few simple points for installing the application and register below:

Download casino Tropez



  1. Go to the official website of Tropez Casino and in the lower left corner of the window, click on "Download". Then, at the specified location, it will load the file that will install the client software Tropez Casino on your computer.
  2. Here appears a welcome window that will prompt you to install the program v Tropez Casino.6 on the computer for future use. If you agree, click "Next".
  3. In the next window, specify the location on your hard drive where it is installed. If you agree with the proposed option, leave the field unchanged and click "Next"
  4. The installation program prompts you to select more actions, such as "create desktop shortcut". Leave this field unchanged and after clicking "Next".
  5. In the newly opened window, click "Install". After the installation is completed, a window will open with the button "Finish", the installation process will be finished.
  6. The next step in moving towards the cherished goal will be registered in the system, which will not take much time. This can be done directly from your program. To do this, run it and before us there is a window representing the endless possibilities of Tropez Casino.
  7. To register in the system, in the lower part of the window in the center is the "Registration" button, when you pressed, opens the registration form in Tropez Casino.
  8. You must fill all the fields with valid information, because it is needed for subsequent payments and accrual of bonus points. Also, using a web camera, you can immediately download your picture for a more detailed provision of information about you. Again we remind you that the whole registration process and all the data provided are confidential, so the leak can absolutely not to worry. Evidence that the registration is successful, a window will appear where you can go to the cashier to make a Deposit and immediately start betting on roulette, poker, blackjack or the slot machines, where there are numerous!
  9. Congratulations! Now you can start playing your favorite games.