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Instructions for installing and registering at the casino Titan.

Before the fun gameplay portal Titan, you should perform a few simple steps mentioned below:

Download casino Titan


  1. Go to the official website of the casino Titan and on the right side click on "Download casino".
  2. After you run the file that you have just downloaded on your computer, a window will appear with a welcome and prepare to install.
  3. In the moment when you click "Install casino", a window opens that provides a choice of further actions, where there is a transition to the registration form(for new players) or the password recovery form(for those who have registered at the casino, but forgot your password).
  4. Clicking on the "Register now" button you will see the registration form where you need to enter their data which are necessary for authentication and cashing out winnings. Parallel to the process of completing the registration, the data will start downloading necessary to install the application data on your PC, so you do not take your time.
  5. After correct filling-in of data, the system will ask you to enter the current address of the mailbox in the Internet (Your email address, most often is:,,, and so on), because you will get a registration confirmation and a user name in the system.
  6. The installation program completes, you are proposed to fill in the information about yourself in order to not to have any problems with withdrawal.
  7. When setup completes, a window will open with a greeting and an offer of choice, how would you like to play "In the money" or "Educational game". Initially you can work out in the study room, but then you can move on the game "on the money", because in the game "for fun" there is no such excitement and release of adrenaline, as at a real table or slot machine.
  8. After you have made your selection, you have a list of categories, each of which carries a number of interesting games that will not let you get bored even for a minute stay with Titan!
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